This week I had the opportunity to get my hands (and feet and face) dirty playing in my friends’ garden… (what fun!) which got me thinking about nature and how I should really make an effort to spend more time appreciating the beauty and wonder that can be found in the simplest things…


This earth of ours is such a splendid place! And while it’s clearly not be possible to explore the rainforests or see the Northern Lights or any of the TRULY SPECTACULAR natural wonders of this planet right now, we can find splendour and beauty everywhere, just by stepping outside!

What opportunities exist where you are, to go out and truly appreciate and get back in touch with nature this weekend?

Here are some ideas:

  • Watch the DVD ‘Earth’ - BRILLIANT!
  • Take a hike!
  • Take your camera into a forest – explore and be creative…
  • While you’re there, fall in love with a tree…. Go to a tree you’re drawn to and really SEE it… Look at how tall it is, think about how old it is, touch it, smell it, really FEEL the energy and life flowing through it… GO ON…Be a tree hugger!
  • Go to a beach with loads of shells and pebbles and find special little things…look at the incredible colours and patterns and shapes of things – nothing short of miraculous!
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset in stillness… just soak it up.
  • Take a little road trip to somewhere isolated and pretty, where you can swim in a rock pool or climb a mountain or watch animals in their natural environment.
  • Spend a morning at a nursery, even if you don’t have a garden! You could buy yourself a banzai tree or a hanging pot with colourful flowers for your balcony or a peace lily for your bathroom.
  • Draw strength from nature – take yourself to a magical place and then be still and engage all your senses… Listen to the sounds, really SEE the miracle of it all, smell things, run your hands over bark or get them dirty planting something. Know that the very same life force that flows through you is flowing through every blade of grass, every root, every branch…


Don’t litter. Don’t waste. Don’t take it for granted.

Have fun peeps and wherever you are in the world, whatever the weather, get outside and find natural beauty! ACTIVELY let nature feed your soul this weekend!!

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