Remember when you were little and you sang into your hairbrush in front of the mirror to such amazing treffers as “I drove all night” by Cyndi Lauper or Tiffany’s “I think we’re alone now”? And you truly believed you had what it took to be a huge rock star?

OK, maybe that was just me.

But I’m sure you had little daydreams of your own… performing on Broadway, being a vet. Or a fireman or a Doctor or a sports star or a horse trainer or a painter. Whatever those things were we dreamt about as kids, we imagined them because at that stage we knew very little about limitations. Just a few years earlier we believed in fairies and were sure we could really fly. And as we got older (I’m stating the obvious here, I know) we started to encounter obstacles and nay-sayers.

(I love that word. Say it with me: “Nay-sayers”.)

We started learning about why we CAN’T do things. We heard things like “Get off that jungle gym! You’ll fall and get hurt.” Or “Stop playing under the trees. The snakes will fall onto you, wrap around your neck and bite you to death.” Or “Mike, I don’t ever want to see you wearing mommy’s make up and clothes again!”

And slowly but surely, the dreams started to dissipate. We realised that real life is real life.

But what if our true calling was to be found in those childish dreams?

What if we let go of what we really wanted, simply because people get putting a stop to our dreams?

This week, I encourage you to remember your childhood dreams… the things that made you happy; the things you really believed you could do. Think about the dreams you had as a teenager. Think about the daydreams you still allow yourself today.

And then, friends, find ways to bring those dreams to fruition, even just a little.

Allow yourself to dream big. Don’t get bogged down in the detail. Don’t allow the censor in you to shoot down your dreams because they seem impossible to achieve. Simply give yourself some time in the next few days to visualise yourself doing those things; achieving those goals, living those dreams…. whatever they may be…


Maybe you always wanted to be a horse trainer. Maybe you visualise yourself training horses, as far-fetched as it seems. Maybe you start looking at horsey things online and taking yourself back to the time when nothing was more important to you than having your own horse.

And maybe, just maybe you “just happen to” bump into an old school friend who “just happens to” own a horse and invites you to come for a ride sometime.

Give it a try! You have absolutely nothing to lose.

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