About a year ago, I was sitting in my garden, admiring the clivias (as you do when you have an imminent deadline) and I suddenly had an idea for a children’s story. It took me a few months to get to writing it, but when I did it flowed and it was fun. Then I told the story as a speech at my Toastmasters club, and it was well-received, so I started sending it off to publishers. I received a few “no thank you” replies and a few “offers” from vanity publishers, so I decided to self-publish. I searched for an illustrator to work with and met up with the awesome ]Warren Maroon] (https://www.instagram.com/warrenmaroon/?hl=en). He has worked his butt off over the last few weeks to produce amazing illustrations for my little story and we are a week or two away from putting it out there. Watch this space. :)