I first encountered The Law of Attraction about 10 years ago.

My girlfriend and I had broken up and the digital camera was unfortunately hers… I really wanted to get myself a cool little camera so I could keep playing but alas, I was completely broke, what with moving and deposit etc. and my salary was stretched to capacity anyway.

Nonetheless, in the weeks that followed, I would go into Game or similar and price the cameras I liked. Of course I knew the chances of me having 4 or 5 K to buy a camera were quite skraal BUT I looked anyway. One night I sat with my pen and notebook and did this little exercise where I wrote down all sorts of cool ideas for when I had my camera one day.

That Friday I was at work when one of the guys in the office sent an email around saying that BA’s in-flight magazine were running an amateur photographic competition and that the entries closed at 5pm that day. The prize? A Nikon P5000 worth R4500!


I went home and got some pics I’d taken in Switzerland and France and raced back to the office, scanned a few and sent them. I don’t think I expected to win, but I also didn’t expect not to. I think I just let it go.

Now one would think it would take weeks before you even heard from them but the very next Monday I received a call from a lady saying I had won the camera. All she needed was my delivery address!

I kid you not, within a week of spending the time and energy writing down what I would DO with a camera, that very camera came to me!

That, I believe, is the Law of Attraction.

Not too long after that, The Secret came out. It took me a few years to see movie, but I had never forgotten the sentiment. Or rather, it comes back to me every now and again.

Deepak Chopra talks about the Law of Intent and Desire, and says that inherent in every desire are the mechanics for its fulfillment. He says we can literally change the energy not only within our own bodies but also within our environment – to the extent that we can cause things to manifest in it. (Things like a camera or a car or love or health or money.)

This change is brought about by two qualities inherent in consciousness: Attention and Intention.

Attention energises, while Intention transforms.

Whatever we put out attention on, will grow. If we take our attention away, it will wither.

So it stands to reason that if you are constantly thinking your boyfriend is going to cheat you, chances are he will cheat on you, because you have given so much attention to “your boyfriend cheating”. You have attracted it to yourself.

In the secret they say:

“Whatever you are thinking, is in the process of becoming.”

If you feel blessed and lucky and you’re grateful, you will attract more of the same.
If you are always complaining about how bad things are, things will just get worse.
If you truly want something, and your intention is pure and energised, it will come to you.

But back to Deepak:

“In most people, Desire can be described as Intention with an ATTACHMENT to the outcome.”

The way I understand this is… for instance:

  • You are desperate for a specific person to ask you to a party because you believe it will lead to love and you’ll just die if they don’t end up loving you;
  • you’re so anxious and nervous about whether or not you’ll be approved for that vehicle loan that it keeps you awake at nights;
  • you really really really want a house that will impress your friends and your enemies.

Do you see the pattern there? The attachment to the outcome is linked to fear. Fear of rejection, failure, whatever. There’s too much going on. It’s not simple anymore.

Deepak Chopra says the true power or desire lies in practicing Intent with DETACHMENT. In other words, you are genuinely OK with the outcome, because you TRUST IN THE INFINITE ORGANISING ABILITIES OF THE UNIVERSE.

So you’ll be more likely to manifest a beautiful mountain bike if the reason you want that bicycle is because you feel FREE when you’re on it… and not because you “MUST lose 10 kgs for your ex’s wedding”.

If you want to manifest lots of lovely ZAR (or any other currency) in your bank account, it won’t happen if you feel guilty for wanting it or if you keep questioning yourself and asking: “But how? I earn a crap salary. I won’t ever have lots of money in my account”.

YOU don’t have to worry about the detail. You simply have to be present and aware of what you need and want and not focus on the future outcome or the details.

More from Deepak:

How can you harness the power of intention to fulfil your dreams and desires? You can get results through effort, but if you follow these steps your intent will generate its own power.

  1. Centre yourself in the silent space between thoughts – in the essential state of being.
  2. Release your intentions and desires with the expectation that they will bloom when the season is right.
  3. Keep your desires to yourself. Don’t share them with anyone unless they are closely bonded with you.
  4. Relinquish your attachment to the outcome.
  5. Let the Universe handle the details.

I interpret those steps like this:

  1. Learn how to be still and simply breathing. Learn to listen to yourself and understand what it is you truly, honestly and purely want.
  2. Put some energy into it – do something positive in the direction of your desire. This shouldn’t be EFFORT – not tiresome phone calls etc. Draw a picture of the life you want, go into a showroom and test drive that car, circle the FOR SALE ads in the farming section. BE FREE!
  3. Sometimes when you talk too much about doing something, you forget the doing bit. And I reckon sometimes you talk so much about something, it’s released too loudly and it flutters away. Or something like that.
  4. Don’t be desperate or attach too many other things to what you want. Know that things will be as they should be.
  5. Don’t fret about the detail. You’ll only convince yourself it can’t happen. You can’t control it at all, so all that energy will simply be wasted.

So… if you find some quiet time this week, why not think about what it is you desire, right now, in your life. And then follow the steps above and see what happens! You can start off by attempting to manifest something small and short-term and then as you get to understand better what you want in the longer term, put it out there!

I have a newer, fancier Canon these days, but my trusty little Nikon is still going and perfect for festivals and hiking. It’s compact and it takes awesome photos.

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